Friday, June 1, 2012

Dinosaur-themed Logic Puzzles

Now, even though my hatred of math started at a very young age, I always enjoyed doing logic puzzles. I remember “playing” them with my Mom as a young girl. (How's that for proof that my desire to trick my child into learning is hereditary?!?)

Banking on my son enjoying them as much as I did, I made some dinosaur-themed puzzles for him.

I used his National Geographic Dino-pedia to get some of the info.

My son knew a lot of the facts he needed to solve these puzzles, but when he got hung up, he used the book. All the boxes with possibilities that were eliminated were crossed out. This helped him narrow down the right answer (he colored these boxes yellow) for each question in the puzzle.

He matched dinosaurs to the right diet (carnivore, omnivore, or herbivore), figured out what countries different dinos lived in, and helped locate lost kids in the dinosaur museum! (Download the puzzles and answer sheet here.)

These three logic puzzles are a great precursor to higher level deductive thinking. And even those kiddos who struggle with math will enjoy them!

For more great logic puzzles (in loads of themes), visit

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