Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Addition Math Fact Dash {printable board game}

It's no secret. I hate flash cards. They're so ... not fun. To give my 1st grade son a little practice with simple addition and turn repetition into memorization (hopefully), I made a simple board game.

What You Need
Free two-page download of game board and spinner (download here)
Two pieces heavyweight cardstock
Printer & ink
Brad (to make the spinner spin)
Small game pieces (different for each player)

How to Play
Game pieces are placed on the start square. The youngest player spins first. He/she solves the addition problem and moves their game piece to the nearest square with the answer. Turns alternate between players until a player gets the math problem where the answer is 5, the final square on the board.



  1. Thank you for sharing fun colorful kid friendly games. I've used many of your math games for kids from kindergarten to 8th grade and referred a number of people and teachers to your blog. So appreciate what you have been doing. Cheers!

  2. Awesome!! I'm so glad you share these types of printable s as well as all the science fun your family has together! We are often learning the same skill as your firster at the same time:). Thanks again!

  3. Love the game, it IS lots of fun both for me and my kids. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for sharing interesting games!

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  6. Thank you so much for the great games!