Friday, June 21, 2013

Paint Strip Ocean Depths [Read and Record]

Are your kids fans of The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library books? We are!

This activity was inspired by Bonnie Worth's Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures. This phenomenal installment of the Cat in the Hat books takes readers down deep in the sea to explore the five ocean levels.

Of course it rhymes, has playful images, and teaches kids about ocean life in a way that is whimsical and fun; for example, "A shark grows its teeth in neat rows in its face. When the front row wears out, the next row takes its place." Cool, huh?

As my son and I read the book, he labeled a worksheet with a glued on paint sample strip that I got at the hardware store (it's really two glued together since each only showed four colors and I needed five). 

The ombre effect of lightest to darkest blue hues was perfect for illustrating the sunny zone all the way down to the trench!! If you've got an artistic kid, have them draw some of the plant and animal life typical to each level - or use stickers!

Download the worksheet I made here. Glue on your paint strip. And read Wish for a Fish!


  1. This idea is GENIUS!!!! Definitely will be using it when we come across Ocean Depth in our Earth Unit this summer!!