Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crazy Daisy Multiplication Game

We love the game BINGO. It's the ultimate way to quiz kids on any number of things (sight words, shark species, the United States, and multiplication facts). There's never any persuasion needed to convince my son to play it.

But truthfully, I wanted a new way to play. How's that for a selfish wish? Out of this desire came Crazy Daisy Multiplication.

With a few BINGO dot markers from the dollar store in hand, we were ready to battle each other.

One by one, I turned over the math fact cards, we solved the multiplication problems, and marked the answers on our flowers. The first player to have one flower with all its petals colored, wins!

Download four flower game boards here. Kids can fill in the petals with marker, use dry-erase marker on laminated cards (so they can be reused), or add buttons/Cheerios to the game boards.

The multiplication math fact cards can be downloaded free here.

Enjoy! (We did.)


  1. wonderful! thank you for sharing :) we can use this in addition as well.

  2. Great idea! This is a fun way to practice multiplication and I know my daughter will love it.

  3. Thank you, love to have games for re-enforcing facts.

  4. Thank you so much!! These are so helpful, now I need fun facts for 11 & 12s

  5. So, to confirm: there are four game boards and four can play at a time? I am a math intervention teacher and I LOVE this, but I have 6 students in a group so need to adapt...

    1. Trisha, while I don't have time to make you more cards, if you email me I'll reply with a PDF of a blank card and you can add answers in the flower petals for two additional kiddos. My email address is on the ABOUT page.