Monday, November 28, 2011

Telling Time Printable Card Game

Before my son’s last playdate with his best buddy, I must have answered “what time is it now, Mom?” and “how much time before he gets here?” a zillion times. (sigh) Finally, I reminded him that he could tell time, too. 

I had to jog his memory about which hand told the hour and minutes, but otherwise, he patiently counted by fives around the clock to tell the time in minutes.

To develop his time-telling skills even more, I made a time-telling card game based on Old Maid. I created 33 cards, 16 of which are analog and digital clocks with the same time and 1 dead battery card.

Download the game cards here.
After printing on cardstock and cutting them out, we were ready to play! ... Well, almost.

First, we read Telling Time by Jules Older, who did a MUCH better job of identifying digital and analog clocks and explaining each hands’ function on the analog clock than I did.

After we’d finished the book, I shuffled and dealt the entire deck to my son and I. (The cards won’t divide evenly; that’s okay.) When my son had all of his cards, I told him to lay them out so I could help him find the digital and analog clocks with the same times. I did the same thing with my hand and those matches were set aside.

Then we held our cards and picked one card from each other’s hand, alternating turns, matching the clocks and putting the pairs aside. The objective is not to get stuck with the dead battery card. The player left holding that card is the loser.

My son LOVED playing the “Time is Running Out” game I'd made and, with each game we play, seems to be getting better at reading the clocks.

Remove the dead battery card from the deck, and play these other fun children’s games:
Go Fish!


  1. Perfect! I needed to replace my time game I had that was missing half the pieces anyways.

  2. My first grader is in soooo much need of this game. It looks like so much fun! Thanks for the printable.

  3. I just think your blog is amazing & you always have such wonderful ideas! I am giving you The Versatile Blogger Award -
    Beth =-)

  4. This is FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks so much for making awesome FREE educational materials and sharing. Thanks for linking up this week at Thrifty Thursday.

  5. I love taking books into learning. Great post!

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for including a download of your card game.

  7. Love this printable!!! I am adding this to my "to do" list for the weekend!!! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  8. I am sad to say that I am avoiding the concept of telling time. We touch on it briefly, but I really need to spend more time on it. My little one is getting a watch for Christmas, this game would be great to play with her!

  9. great idea!!

    Thanks for linking up to serenity Saturday. Hope you can join us again this week

    Natasha xx

  10. You have shared a great idea.This game is new for me and I'll try to play this game with friends.thanks for sharing this

  11. i really enjoy reading the post..i think same can also be done for plastic card printing.

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  13. Thank you so much for sharing! I know several children who will enjoy playing this tomorrow!

  14. You just saved my math lesson today - thanks!


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