Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You're on a Roll - CVC Dice Game

Our almost six year old is starting kindergarten in less than a month. Where oh where did the summer go? We're still working on sounding out letters and words to reinforce his phonics knowledge.

I made a fun CVC activity for him to practice phonics, blending sounds, and early reading skills.

The game has three DIY dice, two with consonants and one with the vowels.

He rolled them all and with help we checked to see if he'd made a real CVC word or a nonsensical word. If one die rolled "YOU CHOOSE," he could use the other two letter rolled and choose the third letter to form a word.

My son is a long way from thinking of words on his own or knowing their spelling. I gave him a list of words for him to reference. 

We made a game out of it and took turns rolling to see which one of us (him or me) could make more of the CVC words on the list, circling each as we rolled it.

This free download is the third iteration of the activity. The first two ways to play were WAY more complicated than they needed to be. All you need is a kid to show you how to take the game you designed and play it the best way - the easiest, most fun way. I should have consulted him first!

Download the game here. Print on heavyweight cardstock, cut out, score the lines and fold your dice. I used a low-temp glue gun to glue the tabs together.

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  1. I think the idea is really cute and it implies the so called gamification methods. There is no easier way for a kid to learn than while playing. I noticed that more and more game developers on the market are working on simple educational games even for children at early age. Hopefully gaming will continue developing as an educational concept and not just as entertainment.