Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four Before Three (Free Printable Exponents Game)

Our 10-year old participated in a summer camp for kids who love math. What I love about this camp is that they care less about what grade level each child is at, and more about where their abilities are. This enabled my soon-to-be fifth grader to complete some sixth grade math concepts, like exponents.

He's a whiz at multiplication so it's no surprise that he found base numbers and their powers to be a fun challenge!

I devised a fun game for us to play together.

I made two dice - one with base numbers and the others with powers. Printed on heavyweight cardstock, folded, and glued, these two dice will be rolled with each turn.

Players roll the dice and calculate the exponent (e.g. If you roll a base number of 3 and a power of 4, determine what three to the fourth power is. Cover "81" on your card if you have it). If a player rolls a six, they place a game piece on one of the grey circles at the bottom of the card. 

The goal is to get four in a row in the colored grid before all three grey circles are covered at the bottom of the card.

Need help with the calculations, use scratch paper, a calculator, or this handy grid.

This game can be played with multiple players or just one. It's a game of luck so it can be played over and over without becoming boring.

Download this game for free from Google Drive here.

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