Friday, August 14, 2015

Growing a Bean in a Bag

We planted a garden in the spring. The kids even helped me drop the seeds in the ground for our green beans and snap peas. It was growing gloriously until the rabbits had their way with it. (sigh)

While we were all impressed with the fruits of our labor, I wanted our youngest son to see what really happens below the dirt.

To do that, we planted some beans inside and watched them sprout for nearly two weeks.

What You Need
Quart-sized clear plastic storage bag
Paper towel
Dried beans (we used lima beans)

What to Do
Take one sheet of regular-sized paper towels and run it under water. Squeeze out the excess water and undo the wad.

Fold the paper towel into fourths.

Slide it into the quart-sized plastic food storage bag so it lays flat.

Place 2-3 beans about an inch up from the bottom of the bag. Zip the bag ALMOST closed; you want to leave it open an inch to vent.

Tape the top of the bag to a sunny window so that you can watch the beans sprout.

The bag creates a greenhouse effect and within a week, you'll notice part of your bean breaking apart and roots forming.

Two weeks later and you may even see the sprout leafing out!

We read the PERFECT book with this activity. If you do this, I highly recommend One Bean!

For older kids, why not have them journal their observations about the bean as it changes?

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