Friday, November 14, 2014

Greek Mythology Matching Card Game

My 9-year-old son finds Greek mythology fascinating. I'm not going to lie. I do too.

I've been wanting to create a Greek gods & goddesses card game for at least a year, and I finally worked up the nerve to create my own graphics (so please don't be critical).

Download a free 2-page PDF of the 16 different gods and goddesses game cards here. I printed four of each page, but gauge your child's attention span. A shorter game can be played with two copies of each page.

Once printed on cardstock and cut apart, I shuffled well and we were ready to play.

We played "go fish" with the cards, dealing five cards to each player and putting the remaining cards face down in a big messy pile between us. The goal is to make matches (if you made four copies of each page, a match will consist of four cards). 

"Do you have any Apollo God of Music cards?" If the opponent has one or two or three Apollos, they hand them all over. Then the inquiring player can ask their opponent for another god/goddess card. If their opponent has none, they must draw a card from the pile in the middle. Any matches are set aside.

The player to run out of cards first wins!

Read Want a few great chapter books to read with this activity? 

These are a few of my son's favorites. Ken Jennings' Junior Genius Guide is a non-fiction chapter book with fun facts and illustrations that reminded me of the Origami Yoda illustrations. 

Joan Holub's Heroes in Training series is a wonderful historic fiction account of Greek mythology from the perspective of 10-year-old Olympians; it's wildly creative! My son has read all the books released in the series so far.


  1. I think the graphics are wonderful! You are very creative.

  2. As always, your printables are fantastic, and your graphics are great! They are so fun and colorful!

  3. This looks like lots of fun(like most of the items we find here) :) 'Just wanted to add to your book list for Greek Mythology. Mary Pope Osborn has a series of 6 chapter books based on the Odyssey. Very good reading for boys.

  4. You guys should definitely check out Zeus on the Loose. We love that game!

  5. These were great! My son is obsessed with Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology. These worked out great for Vday Cards.

  6. These worked out great for Valentine Day Cards

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these!