Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Greek Gods and Goddesses BINGO {free printable]

I couldn't help it. With the Greek gods and goddesses graphics made, it was inevitable that I'd turn them into a BINGO game. My boys love BINGO!

The game I made has six game cards and six pages of call cards to print, cut apart, and shuffle well. Download the 12-page PDF for free here from Google Drive.

We used glass baubles as bingo markers. Cheerios, candies, poker chips, buttons, coins, etc. will work perfectly fine.

To play, put a game piece on the free space. Then simply turn one card over from a face-down pile of the call cards and announce it to all players. If you want to quiz kids, instead of calling out "Dionysus," say "God of Wine & Merrymaking."

For pre-readers, show the call cards so they can look at their game card to find the matching picture. My 5-year-old loved playing this with our 9-year-old and even won by getting five in a row right down the center.

I hope your kids will enjoy this game as much as mine do!


  1. Oh no - our color printer broke last week and my daughter would just DIE for this! Ok, 'find new printer' just got bumped up on my to-do list -- awesome printable!

  2. Thanks so much for your awesome FREE printables! Once again, your games were a hit with our kids this week during school!

  3. WOW!! What a GREAT resource!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!