Friday, May 10, 2013

We've Flipped Over Homophones!

Who's kidding who? Homophones can be confusing. What's the difference between pair and pear? You're and your? And wheel and we'll? Oy.

To make our homophone drills fun, I made some flip sticks. It's simple. Grab some jumbo wooden craft sticks and square Post-It notes. Write the homophones down, one on each of two notes. Place one face down and center the craft stick on it, so the top of the stick catches the adhesive part of the Post-It. Now place the other note on top (sticky side down), sandwiching the craft stick between the two notes.

Make several of the homophone flip sticks. Use the words in sentences and have your child flip the stick to the right word.

Our List of Homophones

Note: Since we had an odd number of words, are had a blank post-it on the back of its flip stick.

Our Practice Sentences
It was a gift for her father.
I was tired of waiting for him.
Practice was going to start in four minutes!
All I needed was four more cards to win the game.
I loved my new shoes.
Come and meet my new baby sister.
I knew all the answers to the problems.
She knew I was lying.
Swimming lessons started in an hour.
The cakes takes an hour to bake.
Our teacher told us to be quiet.
She rode in our car to the piano recital.
The flowers are bright yellow.
Are you feeling alright?
I ate my entire hamburger, I was so hungry.
My dad ate the pickle even though it was sour.
There were eight children lined up waiting to go outside.
I finish school in eight days.
There were lots of shoes by the door, but I couldn't find my pair.
I lost my pair of mittens at school.
I had my choice of an apple, orange, or pear.
The pear tree had lots of fruit.
We'll be out of town that weekend visiting friends.                         
I guess we'll eat at the football game.
The toy car was missing a wheel.
The bike's wheel was bent.
Your brother tells funny jokes.
I like your shirt.
You're the first student to complete the assignment.
You're making a mess!

I went through the list randomly and kept track of how many my son got right; he was anxious to know his score as practice progressed and so excited to only get two wrong. (Too bad you're and your tripped him up!)

Looking for even MORE fun with homophones? Download my FREE homophones memory game.


  1. My daughter came home the other day telling me that they were learning about words called homophones! I told her that I had seen a memory game about them and she got excited to play. I know she will love this game too. With the game format her five year old brother will likely want to get in on this too. He already knows what adjectives, verbs, nouns and pronouns are because he wanted to play word dominos with us:)

    1. Awesome, Momofthree! I'm so glad you're finding games and activities here to extend your daughter's (and little brother's) learning! Thanks for following my blog!