Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Word/Number/Game/Song/Food of the Week {Poster}

Can you tell I had trouble figuring out what to call this?

It's really just a poster.

But I hope this little poster gets my son's brain whirring all summer long. It introduces a new word, song, game, and food every week and works on a few basic math skills too.

I plan to laminate it and put it on the refrigerator with a fine-tip dry-erase marker. My oldest son can help write out the definition for the word of the week, solve the math problems, and fill in many of the other blanks, too.

Here's what I have in store for my son during week 1.

Word: Flabbergast
Number: 200
Game: Batter's Up Baseball (a free online computer game)
Food: Cranberries (dried)

I picked a few baseball-related items since my oldest son just began his summer baseball league. And I'm excited to introduce new foods to our whole family this summer since we'll be participating in community supported agriculture (our first weekly box of herbs and veggies will be ready for pick-up in a week or two!).

Download your own copy of this poster here. Print on legal paper.

CREDIT: This idea was inspired by the Shoopdedoop's Today's Number is… activity. Check it out here.


  1. were r you planning to get your words from ??
    thank you for sharing xxx i love your games xxx

    1. I'm just selecting them at random. If this was the school year, I'd probably look for a list of age-appropriate vocabulary words. Since it's summer, I'm going for fun words (isn't flabbergast fun to say?) or words that my son would find interesting (e.g. asteroid).