Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Spelling Activities of 2012

My oldest son's natural ability to remember things means spelling comes easy to him. As a result, each week, the teacher gives him (and some other students) "the challenge list." The words are just as the title implies - challenging. I've done my best to devise fun ways for him to study.

No. 1    Spelling Race
When the spelling words were extra hard, this activity was my go-to. My son had a blast racing his spelling words across the finish line to figure out how each placed in the race. The repetition is especially helpful with memorization. Free printable and directions here.

No. 2    Spelling Battleship
This favorite board game is a wonderful  and fun way to practice spelling words. Download a PDF of the game board, print two, and your child will play their way to 100% on the next spelling test. Click here.

No. 3    Spelling with LEGO Minifigures
Turn one of your child's favorite toys into a spelling practice incentive. Spell the word right and he/she will have all the pieces to make a LEGO minifigure character! Instructions here.

No. 4    Spelling with Mr. Potato Head
Spell it right and Mr. Potato Head keeps his ears. Every error means a body part is removed! Directions here.

No. 5    Magnetic Snowman Hangman
Hangman is a great way to practice spelling. Instead of drawing a man with each mistake, why not build a snowman? Download, print on sticker paper, attach to a thin magnetic sheet. You're ready to play! Printable here.

No. 6    Spelling Practice Balloon Pop
This may well be the noisiest spelling practice activity ever. Toss the paper and pencil aside. Kids write their spelling words on balloons, pop them, and read the slip of paper inside to see if they spelled correctly. Instructions here.

No. 7    Secret Message Spelling
Craft a secret message, which is revealed as the child spells a short list of words correctly. Directions here.

No. 8    Spelling Practice with Nautical Flags
Code-lovin' kids will love spelling with nautical flags. Either use the printables provided or print several pages of the key, cut out, and make your own codes out of your children's spelling words. Downloads here.

No. 9    Paper Word Chains
Strips of paper with all the letters in your child's spelling words can turn spelling practice into an exercise in paper-chain making. Crafty kids will love this! Check it out here.

No. 10    Fortune Teller Spelling
When kids have practiced their spelling lists but need some review, fortune teller spelling is just the thing to do. Fortune tellers (aka cootie catchers) are a children's favorite. Just write in the words, fold, and play! Free printable template here.

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