Friday, December 28, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Language Arts Activities of 2012

This mama is a word nerd ... and proud of it. These activities were created to help develop my son's reading and writing skills. Who knew language arts could be so fun?!?

No.1    Proofreading Police
Your child joins the proofreading police squad and examines evidence of grammar crimes. This activity has four great downloads and a must-read book recommendation. Find it all here.

No.2    Homophones Memory Game
Words that sound the same but mean very different things can certainly trip kids up. A fun game of memory makes matching homophones a blast. Two of the best children's fiction to pair with this activity are also recommended. Free printable game cards here.

No. 3    Compound Word Card Game
Compound words are especially fun when you learn them while playing a card game! Free printable game cards and instructions here.

No.4    Race Around the Nouns, Verbs, & Adjectives Game
Toss out the worksheets! Kids can test their understanding of nouns, verbs, and adjectives by playing a fun board game. Directions and downloads here.

No. 5    Word Dominoes
Children LOVE dominoes! Why not make some to have them practice matching words with their respective parts of speech: nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and nouns? Free download, DIY instructions, and game directions here.

No. 6    Word-Eating Whale
Turn an empty milk jug into a whale that's hungry for nouns, verbs, or other parts of speech. Kids will love scooping up bottle-cap words with their whale! Directions here.

No. 7     Pronoun Practice to the Moon and Back
Capitalize on kids' love of space, by challenging them to replace nouns with the correct pronoun in a race to the moon. The more right answers, the closer your child gets to the moon. Keep going and the rocket on his/her scorecard will come all the way back to earth! Everything you need - plus a great book recommendation - is here.

No. 8    Adjective Detective
Time for some super sleuthing with two amazing adjective detective activities: a treasure hunt and an adjective search-and-solve code story. Instructions, a printable, and cool adjective detective spy "glass" download are here.

No. 9    DIY Newspaper
EXTRA! EXTRA! Kids put on their reporter hats and record all the big stories in their lives with this fill-in newspaper template. Free printable here.

No. 10    Alphabetical Adjectives
Put the adjectives in alphabetical order by connecting the dots! Head here for a great book recommendation and free printable.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your favorite language arts activities of 2012! I'm currently looking for fun art activities for my son and I think your favorite activities is fun and interesting for my son.