Monday, December 10, 2012

Fortune Teller Spelling Review

There's a boy in the 2nd grade that makes "fortune tellers" and my son can't get enough of them.

It dawned on me that this could be an excellent way to review spelling words. To test the theory, I made a template to be filled in with the 12 most challenging words on the spelling list.

Then I folded it. If you've never made one of these before, I've done my best to provide a photo tutorial below.

Making a Fortune Teller
Before you begin, download a PDF of the fortune teller spelling review template here, print, and cut around the perimeter (step 1).

Next, fold it down the center (step 2). Then open it and fold it down the center again so you now have perpendicular creases (step 3). Open it and fold it corner to corner so the paper is now the shape of a triangle (step 4). Open it and fold it corner to corner again, the opposite way (step 5). 

Open it with the printed side face down and fold one of the corners in so the point meets the center of the paper, aligning it with the creases you made earlier (step 6). Do this with each corner (step 7), until all the corner have been folded in to the center point (step 8). 

Next flip it over so the colors are face down and pull one corner back in toward the center, aligning the point with the center of the paper (step 9). Repeat until all corners have been folded in to the center (step 10). 

Now pick up the fortune teller and slide your thumb and index fingers from each hand under the four colored flaps, pushing them in to the center (step 11). When it's done, it should look like the photo in step 12 above. Now write 12 spelling words in the blank boxes on the fortune teller.

Reviewing Spelling Words with the Fortune Teller
To use the fortune teller, pinch it closed. The child asks you to pick a color. Whatever you choose, they must spell the word on that color, moving the fortune teller up and out with every letter.

Now, choose a word from the inside (your fortune teller will now be open) and again, the child moves the fortune teller up and out with every letter in that word until all the letters have been stated.

Pick a third word from those visible. This time, the child spells the word without moving the fortune teller, and then opens the inside flap to reveal their "spelling fortune!"


  1. Very cute! I loved these cootie catchers / fortune tellers as a kid!

  2. This is so brilliant! Shared your link on Playdough to Plato's Facebook page.

  3. Super cute. Will share it on my site if ok with you!

    1. Feel free to share this activity on your site, so long as you provide the source (i.e. name of my site) and a link here. Thanks for stopping by!!