Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading a Treasure Map

When my son mastered reading a grid during the Crayon Word Roll activity, I was inspired to test his map-reading skills further. His interest in pirates is still strong so I knew a treasure hunt would excite him.

This activity combined reading clues and a map, all cleverly disguised in a hunt for an inexpensive puzzle treasure.

I drew a floorplan of our house and printed a grid over the top (download the grid I used here). 

Then I wrote five clues that lead him to various places on the map. I gave him the following to start:
You’re hunting for a treasure.
A treasure you will find.
Look at the map. Read the clues.
You’ll have to use your mind.

Go to C5 to begin.
If you get tired, have a seat.
While there, you may even find a treat.

Each of the hidden clues was folded inside of a small cardboard box with a treasure chest sticker on the outside. The first box also contained a piece of candy.

From one clue to the next, he made his way all around our house, getting closer to the treasure until it was found. 

My son L-O-V-E-D this activity! The only thing he struggled with was quelling his excitement enough to slow down and sound out the words in the clues. 

ARRrrr, mateys! This is an excellent way to trick your child into reading!

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