Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flip It Word Game

Learning to read is hard. I figured that if my son could recognize patterns and similarities in words, reading would be easier. After all, if he knows how to read and spell “mast,” then spelling “last” should be a breeze, right?

Since I wanted to reuse this game again, I laminated it using some packing tape we had lying around the house. Hand your child a tissue and a fine-tip dry-erase marker and this game becomes reusable and portable (because doesn’t getting food at a restaurant and driving to grandma’s house take FOREVER for a 5 year old?!).

6 ruled 3x5 (or larger) index cards
Packing tape
Scissors or a cutting tool
Fine-tip dry-erase marker
tissue/paper towel
small clipboard (optional)
2 rubberbands (optional)

On one card, draw four vertical lines down the ruled side of the card, dividing it into 4 equal rectangles. Put two strips of packing tape over the top, completely covering the card. Cut the remaining 5 cards into the same equal-sized rectangles (you’ll have 20 strips). Cover each with packing tape and trim the excess. Stack each of the strips into four piles of 5. Staple each stack (above the red horizontal rule) on top of the full-size card you’ve already laminated. Now bend each stack of cards back where the red rule is.

Write your first word (one letter per box) on the bottom card. Instruct your child to pull down one or two flaps and write a new letter (or phonic blend, such as “sh” or “ch”) to transform that word into the next word on the list.

Tips: Use ruled index cards to encourage good handwriting. Don’t use tissues with lotion to wipe the letters off with (it’ll smear the dry-erase ink and leave a film on your cards). A small clipboard (approximately $1.50 at an office supply store) and two rubberbands can be used to secure the cards and tabs for your child so it’s easier for him/her to see which tabs have been flipped down.

Like the idea but don’t want to go to all the work? Take the easy route and buy a small whiteboard instead.

Below are some Flip It word lists. Click on the lists to enlarge the image.

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