Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dinosaur Hunt

While my son’s infatuation has matured from dinosaurs to Star Wars, he still finds the prehistoric reptiles interesting. To teach him a little about these creatures, I developed this dinosaur game. I hid five of my son’s plastic dinosaur toys in our living room and gave him a worksheet with this little rhyme to instruct him on what to do.

Look in the living room.
Look all around –
up high and down on the ground.

You’re looking for dinosaurs,
so get going!
It’s time to start exploring.

When you have found all five,
bring them to me.
We’ll figure out what their names must be.

After he read this, he set out on the task of finding five hidden dinosaurs. After he’d found a few, I tested his subtraction skills by asking, “You found two. There were five hidden. How many do you have left to find?”

Once all five dinosaurs had been found, he cut out short descriptions I’d typed up about each (I found the information I needed in the World Book's Learning Ladders "World of Dinosaurs" book). I helped him read each description and then he matched them to the corresponding dinosaur.


  1. It's no wonder he doesn't complain about "doing more schoolwork" at home--this looks super fun. Can he read all of this by himself? Pretty good for a kindergartener...even with help.