Friday, May 6, 2011

Missing Letters Mystery

Everyone loves solving a mystery, right? This activity is proof that my son is among the masses that enjoys a little sleuthing now and then.

I typed up 8 short clues in Microsoft Word® that would help my son answer the ultimate question of “What am I?” I looked at the words in my clues and deleted some letters and phonic blends, inserting blanks instead. It was up to my son to read the clues (with help) and fill in the missing letters. When all the clues were complete, he looked out the window and realized that the mystery object was our mailbox.

I found some alphabet stamps in the dollar bin at our local craft store and snapped them up. While the stamps and ink aren’t necessary for this project, they added to the fun of the activity. If you decide to have your son or daughter stamp the answer, invest in some washable ink. When you see his/her hands and your table, you’ll be glad you did.

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