Friday, March 14, 2014

Pot of Gold Multiplication Game

It's almost St. Patrick's Day and in honor of that amazing holiday, I created a fun BINGO-like multiplication game to play with my 3rd grader.

What You Need
Multiplication Fact Flash Cards 1-10 (print some here if you don't already have a deck)
game pieces (use poker chips, glass baubles, buttons, etc.)
Download 6 pages of free game cards from Google Drive here.
Page 1 of this 7-page PDF is blank so you can adapt the game to practice other skills.

How to Play
Simply shuffle the flash cards and place them on the table face down. Turn the cards over one and by and solve the problem. Each player places a game piece on their Leprechaun pot/rainbow if the answer is noted there. The first player to fill their pot wins!

If your child is still struggling with multiplication, print a multiplication table available for them to check their answers. Also have players take turns drawing a card and answering the problem.

If your child is proficient in math and is playing with adults, have them solve all the problems and call them out.

This is a good game for siblings to play. The older sibling can solve the problem and the younger sibling can practice identifying large and small numbers.

My son had a fun with this, even using an auctioneer-like voice to call out the answers. We were neck-and-neck, but he filled his pot of gold before I did and was declared one very lucky winner!

Want another St. Patty's Day-inspired multiplication game? Check out Leprechaun's Luck!

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