Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dice Roll Math

While shopping at a local store for teachers, I stumbled across some foam dice with numbers on them. I immediately snatched two up – one that had the numbers one through six spelled out and the other with the numbers seven through twelve spelled out.

I created a worksheet for my son with blanks for eight math problems – four addition and four subtraction. At the bottom of the page, I included the numbers one through 25 to help him with the equations.

As he rolled the dice, he had to sound out the words to figure out which numbers would be part of his math problem (have you ever noticed that eight is spelled so wacky?!?). I explained to him that when he did the subtraction problems, the bigger number needed to be written down first.

I also taught him how to use the numbers at the bottom of the page to count forward or backwards to complete the problems.

Like many of the other activities on this site, Dice Roll Math works on a number of skills: 1) reading since the numbers are spelled out (vs. numerals) on the dice, 2) addition and subtraction, and 3) printing (I’m hoping that my son’s 8s stop looking like the infinity symbol soon).

If you can’t find any of these dice to purchase at local retail stores, make your own (see my post on Story Dice for tips on how). And if you’d like a PDF of the Dice Roll Math worksheet I made, download it here; I’m happy to share!

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