Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catalog Scavenger Hunt

This week I stopped by a local store for teachers and while the cashier was ringing up some farm stickers requested by my son’s teacher, I noticed a stack of free Playmobil toy catalogs. While I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, it was free so, of course, I took one. I’d find something to use it for, right!?!  After mulling it over, I decided to use one of the scenes from the catalog to create a scavenger hunt.

My son had to read the list of items, find them in the picture and circle each. Since he loves look-and-find books, he loved this activity. It was super easy and he didn’t even realize he was reading. <Insert evil laugh here>

You could easily replicate this activity with pictures from anywhere – magazines, coloring books, photos, etc.

Tip: If you're typing the list, use a font that most closely replicates the letters the way your son/daughter is learning to print them (for example, look at the "a").

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