Friday, April 8, 2016

Pick the Punctuation (Period, Exclamation Point, & Question Mark)

The kids in my youngest son's kindergarten class are working hard on their writing skills. The teacher has been talking a lot about end punctuation and reading with fluency (i.e. NOT like a robot). 

I thought it would be fun to test my son with a quick game to see if he could pick the right punctuation for sentences I read to him.

I made some fun cards with visual cues for him to use.

Want to play this? Here's what you need:
the 4-page PDF (download it free from Google Drive here)
heavyweight card stock to print the PDF on
scissors/paper cutter

To play, simply put the three punctuation cards in front of the child. Now mix the assorted sentence cards. Read them to your child with inflection and intonation. When the statement should have an exclamation, proclaim it excitedly. When your asking something, make sure the pitch of your voice goes up at the end. Sentences ending in a period should be read with a flat tone.

If the child holds up the correct punctuation card for the sentence you read, they get to keep the sentence card. They can add up their score at the end and play with different sentences the next day to try and beat their personal best.

The sentence cards are just to get you started. Make up your own. Change them to reflect your child's interests and family. Get creative! Get silly! Make it personal.

For as simple as this was, my son really enjoyed it. I hope your kiddos will too!


  1. I'm a kindergarten are an awesome mom!

  2. Thanks. I'll use it in my English second language class