Friday, April 22, 2016

5-minute Sight Word Uncover & Add

My son has successfully memorized 120 sight words this year. Unfortunately, not all of those words have stuck in his memory. With assessments coming up, his kindergarten teacher asked that we do some review at home.

Lately, my son has been really enjoying a Highlights' Hidden Picture book. His love for these puzzles inspired this game, in part. What I created is a basically modified BINGO game.

What You Need
Fun pictures either from photos or magazines for the game boards
PDF of the sight word game and call cards (download it here from Google Drive)
Heavyweight card stock
Fine-tip marker
Star stickers (optional)
Timer (we used the microwave clock)

Have your own list of words to practice? Or another subject matter to quiz your kiddo on? No worries. The last page of the free PDF is a blank template.

Prepare the Game
Print the sight word pages on card stock. As a general rule, use a page of cards for each player and one to two extra pages of cards.

Cut the outer border of one sheet of game cards (the bigger square word cards). Use it to trace the shape onto one each of your pictures (I used some old LEGO Club magazine pages). These will be your game cards. Crop the excess but cutting along the lines.

Now trim one row at a time on the game cards, align with the game boards and trace a line along the edge. Use this technique until all the grid lines are drawn on each game board.

Once the boards are finished, add a star sticker (or drawn star) in one of the squares. In each of the other squares, write a number, cleverly hiding it for an extra challenge. Depending on your child's math abilities, keep the numbers small or make them bigger for harder addition.

With two piles - the call cards face down and the game cards face up - scrambled, each player should add sight word cards (face up) to their game board until its filled.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Begin selecting one by one the call cards. Have the child(ren) read the words on the cards, search their game board for that same word, and if it's present, remove it from the board.

At the end of 5 minutes, the child(ren) hunt for the hidden numbers in each uncovered square. They add them together. If the star is uncovered, they double the total.

The player with the most points is declared the winner.

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