Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Free Printable Line Geometry Board Game

My 10-year-old son is a good at math. Probably better than his mom is. Geometry, however, has proven to be the one type of math that can give him a bit of a challenge.

I worked up a fun game to work on line geometry. It's similar to Candyland or Chutes & Ladders, but with a twist.

Download a free 9-page PDF from Google Drive here. Print on heavyweight cardstock. Assemble the game board, trimming off any white excess on the paper's edge so it lines up properly. Trim the excess from the bottom of the game board as well.

Fold the pages with the arrow cards, open and add glue with a glue stick, press together and cut out. These cards will now be front-and-back. 

Cut out the spinner. Double over the paper so there are two plies of cardstock glued together and cut out the spinner's arrow. Use a tiny hole punch or craft knife to carefully cut holes in the spinner and arrow. Assemble with a brad.

Grab small items to use as game pieces, one for each player. Place game pieces on the start. 

Place the arrow cards on the game board. The top of each card is either marked TOP, or is the darkest part of the ombre coloring.

Player 1 flicks the spinner and moves to the first occurrence of the line segment that the arrow is pointing to. 

If the back end of an arrow is at this space, the player may move their game piece to wherever the arrow is pointing. After this, their turn is over.

Player 2 takes a turn, and flicks the spinner. If the spinner lands on "TURN OVER ALL ARROW CARDS," then the arrow cards are flipped over horizontally (to keep the top of the cards at the top of each box). Player 2's turn is over.

Play continues in this way until a player spins the final type of line on the board first to win.

Flipping the arrow cards makes the game very spontaneous and can move players from the end of the board way back, almost to the beginning.

This game was loads of fun for my son and I and a great way to reinforce his line geometry vocabulary. Enjoy!

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