Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Leaves Matching/Memory {free printable}

We had some fierce winds lately, followed by two days of rain, and I've been looking out the windows rather bleakly at our now-naked trees. 

To keep the spirit of fall alive a wee bit longer, I made a great game to play with the boys: Fall Leaves Memory!

Make your own game!
Download my 1-page PDF of several leaf types for free from Google Drive here.

Print on heavyweight cardstock (so they're not see-through). Laminate for added durability (optional).

Cut out and get ready to play; mix the cards up and place them face down on the table in rows.

Players will take turns turning over two cards at a time to try and find a matching pair. When you make a match, go again. If you don't make a match, its the next players turn.

The player with the most matches when all the cards have been removed from the playing area is declared the winner!

For younger children, have them work on looking through the cards to find two matches for each type of leaf.

NOTE: There are 9 unique leaf types so if you play memory, remove one set for an even number of cards.


  1. What a great game thanks for sharing this printable

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this free printable!