Friday, November 13, 2015

Double Digit Dice Roll

Sometimes double digit numbers are tricky for kids - especially the teens. This little game works on the following skills:
  • counting 1-6
  • place value tens and ones
  • double-digit number vocabulary

My six-year-old son had loads of fun with this (and so did his 10-year-old brother). This bingo-like game is all about luck and chance; no strategy required.

What You Need
A PDF of the game cards (available for free download from Google Drive here)
Paper and printer to print the cards
Game pieces (we used those flattened glass marbles)
Two traditional dice (preferably different in appearance)

Print the cards and cut them apart. 

Each player picks a game card and grabs a small pile of game pieces to set in front of them. The first piece is placed on the FREE space. 

Decide which die is the tens place and which die is the ones place (Our cube tissue box die was the tens because it was bigger and the smaller blue foam die was the ones.)

Each player will take turns rolling the two die. The numbers are the die are not added together, but rather represent a two digit number.

The player must count the dots on the die, decide what the number is (e.g. 3 in tens place, 6 in ones), and say out loud the double digit number (e.g. thirty-six).

Now all players must scour their game card to see if the number is present on their card. If so, it's covered with a game piece.

The first player to get five in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) wins.

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