Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Microbes Memory Game {free printable}

Microbes are fascinating. They are constantly changing the world around us and yet they are teeny tiny - technically, they're smaller than teeny tiny. My sons played a rousing game of memory with some fun microbe graphic cards I created. This drove the point home that microbes vary greatly in shape and appearance.

Before we started to play, we read the perfect book to explain what microbes are, look like, live, and do. Even if you never do this activity with your kids, check your library for Tiny Creature: The World of Microbes by Nicola Davies.

It explains what seems impossible for kids to understand so extremely well, with engaging illustrations and explanations that my 9- and 5-year-olds both could follow.

After reading, I set up the game cards in a six by four grid.

Download the cards I made here. Print two sets on heavy weight cardstock. If you can see through the cards, glue a thin piece of scrapbook paper to the back. Laminate for added durability if you anticipate lots of use.

Shuffle and arrange face down. Let your child turn over two of the cards. If they're a match, they'll keep the cards, setting them aside in a pile and go again. 

If they are not a match, they must turn the cards back over and play moves to their opponent. The game continues like this until all the cards have been matched. The player with the most sets of matched cards wins!

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  1. Ha! I just read this post while my husband is reading this very same book to the kids for bedtime books. Just printed out the cards. Thanks!!