Friday, January 16, 2015

Art Museum Seek & Find

Our town has a small art museum. The word museum may be stretching it a bit. It's more of a large collection in a public building. Regardless, it's some great art.

Our past trips have been a whirlwind. $10 for entry for our family and only 10 minutes were spent. My boys don't REALLY looked at the art. That's the problem. They act like it's a race to get from one one room to the next. 

I cooked up this fun activity to slow the pace a bit. My sons both like look-and-find books, so I had a hunch this would be a hit. 

I was right.
Download the 2-page PDF I made from Google Drive here.
Page 2 contains a template to trace and cut out the squares.

I made some printable cards. Then I went to the museum's website and printed photos of the collection. If they were small, I right-clicked, saved the photo to my desktop and then printed the photo larger. Then I cut small squares from each photo and glued them to the card. 

It was up to my sons to find the details from their cards in the paintings and sculpture in the museum exhibitions.

I put each of their cards (they were the same so they could work together) on a mini clipboard and gave them each a pencil to cross through the images they found. (Note: make sure writing utensils are okay in your museum. Most allow pencils, not pens or markers.)

They spent more time looking at the art, but still missed a few. I gave them hints. "I think you missed something in this room," I said. 

The thrill of the hunt was exhilarating. This was our best museum visit yet!


  1. Love it! You should see if the museum would want to offer it for any family that visits -- I think it would be an awesome activity for kids to get to know the art a little more. We've done color hunts, look for your favorite animal and 'pose like the sculpture' on visits to museums -- I agree that just 'looking' at the art really doesn't engage the kids, they need something more interactive.

    We are lucky that our local art museum has booklets for the kids to introduce them to the art in their different galleries -- my daughter loves the booklets! And I've even learned a few things :)

  2. Holy moly, I love this idea! Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? I'm saving this for later. Thank you!

  3. Now, this is a great way to have the kids really look and enjoy the time in the museum at the same time! Thanks for sharing this idea!