Friday, January 30, 2015

Beginning Sounds Match Up

My five-year-old's alternative kindergarten teacher has been working with the kids on phonics and I'm blown away by how fast my son is picking them up. While he's pretty good at remembering each letter's sound, I wondered how he'd do identifying the beginning sounds of words.

To test him, I grabbed 12 household items (e.g. iPad, apple, scissors, puzzle pieces, LEGOs, etc.) and placed them around the edge of our round kitchen table.

Then I grabbed the letter cards I made for the Alphabet Blackout game (the link to download them free from Google Drive is in the blog article). I only gave him the twelve letters that started the words for each object on the table.

It was up to him to circle the table and place the correct letter card next to each object. He worked so hard to get them right, slowly saying the words out loud and then looking through his small stack of cards.

He only struggled with the orange (O) and yarn (Y). All the others came to him fairly easily.

We'll definitely be doing this activity again. It's cheap, simple, and requires 5 minutes of prep, which is perfect for a busy parent!

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