Friday, April 4, 2014

Prefix Remix (Printable Game)

Having just made the Super Suffixes game, it was all too easy to use the same design to make prefix playing cards.  We played with these cards a little differently, though. Truthfully, you can use these cards any way you want to. There's no right or wrong - just do what is fun for your kid.

Download the free five-page PDF from Google Drive here. This is how we played.

I put the prefix cards in a pile face down between us and shuffled the word cards well. I dealt us each six word cards.

We turned over a prefix card and the cards in our "hand." We checked the words and removed whatever cards had words that logically fit with the prefix (anti- and freeze, for example) from our hand, each starting individual piles.

Wild cards are like free points, so long as the player can think of a logical word using the prefix that's presently turned over.

With that round complete, we drew how many ever cards we needed to start the next prefix with a total of six cards in our hand again.

Then the next prefix card was turned over and play continued in the same way until we had tried to make sensible words with all 12 prefixes.

To find out who made more words with prefixes, we counted each of our piles of cards. Just like with the Super Suffixes game, we both worked hard to convince each other that some of our prefixes and words made sense together. My son was very persuasive and ended up beating me 21 to 17.

To go with this activity, we read Brian P. Cleary's book Pre- and Re-, Mis- and Dis- What is a Prefix?


  1. I am blown away by how professional your printables are - so well done! I'm pinning this for when my daughter is at a later spelling stage. Probably soon! Thanks so much! (And why did it take me this long to start getting your blog by email?? Love all your posts!)

  2. I love it and definitely using it with my kiddos very soon! I can't wait to check out the other game you mention. Thank you so much for linking up to Kids Learning Printables Linky Party! I have struggled so much trying to come up with fun ways to teach suffixes and prefixes. These are just perfect!