Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nesting Spoons: Upper and Lower Case Letter Matching

Flash cards have never been one of my favorites. My oldest son shares my sentiments. So when I saw this great idea for alphabet spoons on From Kindergarten With Love, I knew it would be a great way to work with my youngest son on letter recognition.

This activity is inexpensive and comes together quickly.

What You Need
26 White plastic disposable spoons
26 Clear plastic disposable spoons
Upper case and lower case letter stickers (or good handwriting and a Sharpie)

Adhere the upper case letters to the white spoons toward the tip of the spoon. Adhere the lower case letter stickers to the bottom part of the clear spoons.

Now determine, based on your child's readiness, how many pairs of spoons to play with. My son and I worked on the first half of the alphabet (a-m). He was overwhelmed, so I separated the upper and lower case spoons to make it easier.

These can easily slip into a plastic zipper-sealed bag for a great take-along game. And for kids proficient in letter work, can be used for alphabetizing practice!

Want a great book to accompany this activity? We like Alphabet Mystery!

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