Monday, September 17, 2012

Leaf Rubbing Book: Exploring Types of Trees

A few blocks from our house is an amazing nature trail. It’s lightly wooded and heavily trafficked by cyclists, families strolling, and running enthusiasts. It’s one of the many things I love about our neighborhood. We have made so many good memories there exploring.

Last weekend, we took a walk there as a family; before we did I prepared a little leaf hunt for my oldest son. Download the PDF I made here.

Print on standard paper, cut, staple, and attach to a small clipboard.
Peel the paper from a few crayons and you’re set.

My son was careful to only collect leaves that were on the ground.

We wandered quite a ways down the trail looking for the specific shapes shown in the homemade book.

Is this leaf a maple or an oak?

Could that be a hickory or an ash?

This truly exercised my son’s observation skills. When he noticed a leaf on the ground, he looked at the tree it fell from, and began to notice differences in the bark and branches too.

Once the leaf he’d found was matched to the leaf shapes in the book, we carefully placed the leaf behind its designated page, and rubbed the side of the crayon over the paper to create a rubbing. 

Now it was time to return the leaf to nature.

He put an X through the leaf shapes on the book's cover as he found them (note: some are featured twice).

That night when Grandma called, he asked her if she had a Tulip tree (one of the leaves we failed to identify on our walk). Clearly, this activity had made a lasting impression!

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  1. This is awesome! Just what I was looking for next week's cub scout meeting. Thanks for the help!