Monday, August 20, 2018


This activity has been rattling around in my brain for months. And thanks to a rather lengthy hiatus from blogging, that's where it stayed. Until now.

Help kids review place value with this download, a little glue, and some crayons. Kids can play by themselves, with a friend/sibling/classmate, or as part of a whole classroom of buddies.

Cut and assemble the die. (It's sturdiest when printed on card stock; a glue gun makes assembly easier.) Print the game cards. The PDF has one page of cards where the columns are labeled (best for kids that are developing the skill or need a refresher) and another where the labels are absent for a greater challenge. Print whichever is most appropriate for your child(ren).

How to Play
Each child gets a game card. (Yes, the numbers on both cards are the same. It doesn't matter so print as many copies as you need.)

Roll the die and color the entire circle surrounding the number in the place value indicated face up on the die (e.g. Millions, Hundred Thousands, Ten Thousands, Thousands, etc.). If you roll COLOR THE LARGEST NUMBER or COLOR THE SMALLEST NUMBER and there are two of that number in the row, select one of your choosing.

The next roll, color the number you rolled on the next row down. You'll only color one circle per row.

The hope is to color numbers that connect to make a Place Value (cater)'Pillar! See how many you can make and how long they are; any two connected numbers make a 'pillar.

This was a great refresher for our 9-year-old son, who was thrilled to make a caterpillar longer than mine.


  1. I'm confused on how this actually plays out - the die indicates which column you'll be coloring in, but not which number to color. Is it totally your choice?

    1. If the die is rolled and says "tens," you color the number in the tens place in that row. Only one number is colored in each row. If the player rolls "you pick," they'll choose the number to color in that row (preferably a number adjoining a colored number from the previous row, since the objective is to make as long a caterpillar as possible).