Friday, June 17, 2016

Sight Word Search & Graph

Our youngest son (age 6) did a lot of word work this week. I'm trying my best to ward off the dreaded summer slump. That summer between kindergarten and first grade is critical. Those phonics and sight words are building blocks beginning readers need to hit the ground running when school resumes in the fall.

I thought my son might protest when I handed him a book; our reading typically happens before bed. When I gave him a half sheet of large-type graph paper, he was intrigued.

Download my free PDF of the Sight Word Search & Graph paper (or make your own).

Print the graph.
Pick a book for beginning readers, and review the vocabulary in the book. I used a Level 1 Penguin Young Reader by Bonnie Bader.

Select four recurring words and write them at the bottom of the graph. I used come, me, play, and will.

Read & Graph
Have your child read the book and look for the words noted on your graph. Each time one of the words occurs, have them color a block. For competitive kids, make it a sight word competition; which word will win?

This is a simple activity that combines early math skills with reading. My son really enjoyed it!

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