Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gumball Sight Word Sort

Our six-year-old's reading skills are really coming along. But he nervously exclaimed, "Mom, I'm forgetting my sight words!" a few days ago. To keep those 100+ words he learned in kindergarten locked in his brain for good, and to especially work on those that trip him up, I cooked up a simple activity.

This word work takes hardly any time to prepare and can be used with any words your child needs to work on. For that matter, you could use the same concept to practice math facts even.

What You Need
The 1-page PDF of gumball machines
Office paper
Dot pricing stickers
Pen or marker

Download the gumball machine PDF free from Google Drive here. Print on plain 'ol office paper.

At the bottom of each machine, write one sight word. I chose four that my son sometimes confuses: them, there, here, and the. I wrote these same words in random order on the dot stickers.

When I gave him the activity, we first read the words on the machines. Then I asked him to place the stickers (aka gumballs) on the right machine, saying them as he sorted.

This simple activity works relies on repetition to reinforce learning. It's simple and whimsical. And I think my son would say fun, too.


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  1. Love this simple activity! We'll put it to good use, too! Thanks 😊