Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Race Around the World: an Angles Game (Protractor Practice)

Of all the areas of math, our 10-year-old isn't especially fond of geometry. To give him a little extra protractor practice, I thought up this angles game.

Anytime he has the chance to beat me, his attitude is "bring it" so I knew this would pique his interest.

What You Need to Play
PDF of the Earth game board and angles cards
plastic sheet protectors (optional)
Pencil (or if using sheet protectors, fine-tip dry-erase markers)

Download the PDF free from Google Drive here. Print one Earth for each player (or team if you're doing this as a classroom activity). Print two or more copies of the angles cards. Cut out and shuffle.

If you anticipate playing over and over, slide the Earth pictures into a plastic sheet protector. This make your game boards dry-erase.

How to Play
With the cards shuffled and placed faced down, each player takes a card on their turn and then lining up the protractor with the start line, draws in the angle stated on the card. On their next turn, the reference line becomes the line just drawn, instead of the start. The first player to get all around the world (i.e. past the start line) is declared the winner of the race!

This math activity got us thinking about what life was like in different places across the globe. To further our understanding of cultures and time zones, we read a wonderful book that lead us on a journey that only took a single moment in time.



  1. Is there a PDF link available? Thanks, Pam

    1. If you click on the "here" above, it'll take you to Google Drive:

  2. Printed and laminated. Thank you!

  3. This will be a great way for my 7/8s to practice using a protractor. Thanks!