Friday, February 19, 2016

Plus Minus Printable Game (Multiplying Positive & Negative Numbers)

Our 5th grade son is taking 6th grade math. Suddenly, I'm having to relearn all the stuff I've forgotten about pre-algebra and such. One lesson was on positive and negative numbers. I figured a little off-worksheet practice might be a fun way to drive home the basics.

positive number x positive number = positive number
positive number x negative number = negative number
negative number x negative number = positive number

The PLUS MINUS GAME I made is simple. All you need is:

  • my 2-page PDF (download it free from Google Drive here)
  • some paper to print it on (I'd recommend heavyweight card stock for the die)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • a regular die
  • different game pieces (one for each player)
  • paper and pencil (optional)

How to Play
Each player rolls the plus/minus die and the regular die. This is the first number in their equation (e.g., if a player rolls a + and 3, their first number is positive 3). The same player rolls the two die again. This is the their second number (e.g. -2). Now the player multiplies the two numbers (e.g. 3 x -2). The answer is -6, so the player will have to move their game piece back six spaces, or back to the start if their fewer than six spaces in. If they are at the start, they simple stay put. 

Players take turns, moving forward when the answer is positive, and backwards when it's negative. If the answer is a two digit number, players use the digit in the ONES place to determine how many spaces they move.

Use paper and pencil to record the numbers and equations as you play. 

The winner is the first player to make it to the finish. 

This may take as few as three turns or many, many more. Feel free to print an extra copy of the game board and cut and paste it together to make the board longer if desired. The first time we played was agonizing. I never thought we'd declare a winner; I was stuck on the start for ages! The second game was lightning fast.

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