Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Soccer Sight Words (free printable game)

To give my kindergartner a little sight word practice, I created a BINGO-like game for us to play. He's more than a little obsessed with soccer lately (apparently it's the game of choice for kinder boys at recess), so I thought I'd capitalize on this new interest.

Soccer Sight Words is a simple game. Not practicing sight words right now? No problem, the PDF I made includes some blank cards for you to customize.

Download the game free from Google Drive here.
Print on heavyweight cardstock.

If you plan to play the game again and again, laminate the playing cards.
Cut apart the sight words and scramble them in a bowl.

Grab something to write with, small buttons, or if you've laminated, fine-tip dry erase markers.

Players pick their own game card. One by one, a sight word is pulled from the bowl. If players have this word on one of the three soccer balls on their card, they note that by placing a small game piece like a button over it or by crossing through it with a pen/marker.

The first player to have all the words covered on one of their game card's soccer balls is the winner!

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