Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rotation Reflection Translation Game {free printable}

My son brought his Geometric Patterns homework home last week and unlike most of his math homework, it took him more than 5 minutes. I even heard him mutter, "This is kinda hard," under his breath. 

I took a good look. I had the same thought I usually have when I look at worksheets: This would be a lot more fun if learning felt like playing a game.

And so an idea was born.

This game practices identifying three types of transformational geometry.

  • Rotation (when a shape is turned)
  • Reflection (when a shape is flipped backwards, showing its mirror image)
  • Translation (when a shape is simply moved)

The game is simple. Print one or two sets of the cards I made, along with the game boards. Cut apart. You can download the free 5-page PDF I made from Google Drive here.

Each player gets their own game board. Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile between players face down. Each player should place a game piece (we used those flat glass baubles) on the START circle. 

Player 1 will draw the top card on the deck and if the card they draw illustrates geometric transformation (rotation, translation, or reflection) that is noted in the circle next to the start, they'll place another game piece on that circle. If it does not, no game piece is played. Player 2 draws the next card.

The player to have game pieces on every circle on their game board first wins.

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