Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pegboard Practice [Letters Edition]

What can you do with a piece of wood, 16 nails, and some rubberbands? Practice matching upper case and lower case letters, that's what!

I made this pegboard for our oldest son to use practicing state capitals. But with the applications for its use truly unlimited, I thought I'd give our youngest son (almost 5) a chance at it.

To learn how I made our pegboard, visit this post which contains instructions.

Download the upper and lower case letter matching pages free on Google Drive. You can access the 4-page PDF here. Print them on heavyweight cardstock.

Use a non-standard hole punch to punch the holes out. This is the one I use, along with a rubber mallet.

Simply slide the sheets over the nails and hand your child eight rubberbands, to string over the nails and along to the corresponding letter (e.g. M to m).

Beyond practicing letters, this is great work for those fine motor skills too!

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  1. Cool! I really enjoy seeing these pegboard ideas. I can't wait to check out the next one you make. Thanks for sharing!