Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outdoor Ring Toss Game [Division/Addition]

Have you been over to Crafts by Amanda? Her ideas are incredible! This ring toss game especially caught my eye.

When we hosted a neighborhood outdoor movie night, I wanted something for kids to do while we waited for it to grow dark enough to project the DVD onto the garage door. Amanda's little game proved to be the perfect solution.

I purchased a stick (you could use a jumbo paint stir stick) and three 6-inch floral craft rings from our local craft/hobby store.

We ran out of time to paint our stick and rings (perhaps I'll get around to that once school starts back up) but I used some paint pens to write on the rings.

Each ring had one of the following numbers on it: 10, 20, or 30. I placed the stick in the ground using a rubber mallet about five feet out from the edge of our driveway. 

Kids could stand at the edge of the cement and there would be no "no fair" comments because someone stood too close. (Although, we DID allow the younger children the opportunity to stand closer.)

Here's how we played. Each player gets all three rings to toss. The objective is (of course) to try and get them threaded through the stick. If he/she is successful, they get the points indicated on that ring. For example, if a child tossed the ring marked 10 and it landed through the stick, 10 points were awarded.

If that same child hit the stick but it didn't go onto the ring, only half the points on the ring (i.e. five points) were awarded. No points are awarded for missing the stick.

The kids played this for an eternity and I was quickly sent inside for paper and a pencil so that a scorecard could be made to keep track of the rounds.

This was quick and easy division and addition practice. And the kids thought they were just playing at a fun game at an outdoor neighborhood party.

He He He. That makes me smile.

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  1. Always a treat to read your educational posts! Smiles and stop by anytime!