Friday, August 17, 2012

Alphabetical Adjectives Connect the Dots

I’m a writer. My son is not. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying to sharpen his language arts skills.

This word nerd came up with a sneaky way to do it, too: connect the dots!

To jog my son’s memory that adjectives are describing words, we read a Brian P. Cleary book. Hairy, Scary, Ordinary: What is an Adjective? is fun and engaging language arts literature at its best.

The illustrations are clever and whimsical and the text is chock full of adjectives which are set off with color (the rest of the words are black). So far, every book from Cleary’s Words Are CATegorical series has been a hit with my son and me.

For a little adjective practice, I made a great puzzle.

Download a PDF of this connect-the-dots puzzle here.

The instructions were simple – start at the red star and connect the lowercase adjectives alphabetically. When you get to “z,” start over with uppercase adjectives until you’re back where you started. Lastly, connect the square dots drawing a line from number to number starting at one black star and ending at the other.

My son did quite well. He only had to use the eraser a few times and, when finished, he was so proud of his songbird connect-the-dots picture! (This mama writer was mighty proud too.)


  1. Your activities always amaze me! Thank you so much for sharing this free printable. My son and I LOVE all of the wonderful activities you create.

  2. Wow, this is adorable! Thank you for this!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  3. LOVE this! You are so clever - I always love your units!! Thanks for sharing,
    Beth =-)

  4. Wish there were nouns verbs and all that..would be great...

  5. i love that it teaches so much

  6. Thank you for sharing, it is appreciated