Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Linking Word Family Chains -at, -am, -an, -ay, -ap (free printable)

Our kindergarten son's literacy skills are growing by leaps and bounds, but I wanted to continue to show him the pattern in words, what makes them rhyme, and how much easier it is to read when you recognize the sound of their endings. With this aim, I completed another word family activity.

This free printable can be used in a variety of ways. The flexibility makes it easy to customize for your child.

What You Need
3-page PDF of the word links (download it free from Google Drive here)
Heavyweight card stock, plain or colored paper

Print and cut out the links on the dark black lines. Scramble together

Play: Option 1
Have the child see how many words they can make by combining the links' beginning sounds with the word family endings. 

Play: Option 2
Divide the links into even piles for each child. Have them see who can make the longest chain, or complete a chain the fastest.

Play: Option 3
See how long of a chain your child can make on the floor. Can they loop it around the furniture or make it go in a circle?

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