Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sign Language Sight Word Decoding (free printables)

I'm not sure how it happened but the other night I explained to my boys about Koko and how they'd taught the gorilla to communicate with sign language. We watched a YouTube video which captured all of our attention.

To expose my sons a little more to American Sign Language, I made some fun printables (the boys were my hand models). Click on the links in the list below to download the free PDFs from Google Drive.
  1. A-Z alphabet cards
  2. 1-page American Sign Language Alphabet cheat sheet (on the same PDF as the cards)
  3. Sight word cards spelled with sign language for decoding

I gave my six year old son the last two of these three printables (with the cards cut apart) and explained to him that he needed to decode the sign language letters to figure out what the sight word was and read it to me. 

He enjoyed the challenge, especially because many letters resemble a fast, just with different finger formations.

To go with the activity, we read two great fiction books that provided some context for our activity. 

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