Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sticky Ball Sight Word Target Toss

Each week of kindergarten, my son's class is working on two new sight words. I'm not wild about flash cards so I wanted to drum up another way for him to practice at home - something that would get my active boy up and moving, something that would be F-U-N.

This little game met all the criteria.

Suction-cup balls from the party supply store
Target (download the one I made for free here)
Lamination (optional)
Markers (if laminated, use dry-erase)

Print and cut out as targets, one for every word you want to practice. If you'd like to reuse them (like I do), laminate each. With a marker (dry-erase on the laminated targets), write the sight word in the middle of your bulls eye target. Tape them to the sliding glass door so that each target is visible on the other side of the door. Your child will be reading the target through the glass.

Variation: Don't have a deck/porch with a sliding glass door, tape them to an interior wall and have your child use them as NERF gun sight word practice!

Hand your child the suction-cup balls and call out the words on the targets. It's up to him/her to read the targets, take aim, and toss the ball. If he/she misses the whole target, they must try again and again until it is hit. 

Keep going until all the words have been called out! 

This is great way to make those sight words really stick in kids' brains!


  1. This is an awesome idea! I'm always looking for fun ways to work on sight words and this is certainly a fun one!