Friday, June 26, 2015

Sight Word Hopscotch

It was a beautiful day so we took our sight word practice outside. All you need is some sidewalk chalk, a patch of driveway, and a rock. This activity has a short supply list but it's LOADS of fun.

I made a simple hopscotch and added a sight word to each square.

My son had to hop on each square (except the one where the rock landed) and read its word aloud as he jumped. 

Since we played this for quite awhile, I could tell the sight word work had helped when we settled down for before-bed reading. That night, he pointed out the word with in one of his books and didn't confuse it with the like usual.

We'll continue to work on sight words and when the weather allows (i.e. it's not scorching hot or pouring rain), make another hopscotch with new words.


  1. When you do a simple activity like this one use the photos to make a small personalised reading book. One short sentence per page is enough. For your first photo here you might write, "Look at my game." Then, "Hop on the words." Have him in almost all of the photos. Later read the book in unison. It won't be long before he can take that book to school and read it to the class. Is it truly reading? It is early reading; and it provides a context.

  2. Thank you! What a great idea for kids that have trouble sitting still. I remember helping a child with his sight words last year and I think a lot of the trouble was that he was just so reluctant and resistant to any activity involving sight words that he would just shut down. I think he would have really enjoyed this.