Friday, March 20, 2015

Complete-a-Caterpillar (Phonics Game)

I'm really trying to reinforce what my five-year-old son is taught in his alternative kindergarten class. With so much emphasis on phonics and the beginning sounds of words, I'm trying to find an assortment of different ways for my boy to practice that seem fun.

The Complete-A-Caterpillar game is a modified BINGO game, which if you've been following my blog for awhile, you've seen how much my kids love them!

This game was no different.

I made six caterpillar game cards. And call cards with words starting from A-Z. Download them free from Google Drive here. Print on heavyweight cardstock and cut apart.

We used those flattened glass baubles as our game pieces. Each player will need up to eight.

How to Play
Each player selects a game card of their choosing (the caterpillars are different colors).

An adult or older sibling will draw a card from the call cards and say the word aloud. It's up to each player to listen to the beginning sound, identify which letter makes that sound, and then search on their card to see if their caterpillar features that letter. If so, place a game piece over it.

The first player to get their whole caterpillar filled is the winner!

Our oldest son (age 9) willingly played this with his younger brother and I. Even he thought it was fun!


  1. Thank you! This will be so fun to use with my Kindergarten reading groups. :-)

  2. We are going to love this one, too! I'm so glad I found your blog-thank you!