Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scrabble Math Spelling

If you've surfed Pinterest any time in the last six months, I've no doubt you've seen these marvelous little tiles. You can download them (like I did) from Jimmie's Collage. I printed two copies onto magnet paper (you just run the magnetic pages through your printer) and cut them out.

Use a metal surface and have your child use the tiles to spell the words from their spelling list. Warning: There's no "w" on the print-out; either use the "m" upside down or use a "blank" tile.

Once the word is spelled, add up the numbers on the tiles.

My son loved the challenge of seeing which word would add up to the highest number.

"Experiment" was the winner on his list with 22. WHOA!

Look at his face. No caption is necessary.

Want to extend the math lesson? Have your child put the words in order from least to most points. How many more points did the winning word have vs. the losing word?

This activity was great fun for both my boys. I read the word from the spelling list. My oldest son spelled it out loud and my youngest son and I hunted for the letters. The second-grader got great addition and spelling practice. My preschooler got a lesson in letter recognition. No wonder this idea has gone viral! I'm putting this in our regular rotation for spelling practice.


  1. I love the wonderful, creative ideas you come up with which make learning fun. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I do love playing scrabble..since i was 8 years old my mom taught me how to play it, it can enhance my memory and i can encounter new words which i would look in the dictionary if i don't know the meaning of it.