Friday, July 31, 2015

Sea Turtle Sight Words Game {free printable}

We're still working on sight words with our 5-year-old. To make it a little more fun, I designed this BINGO-like game to play.

This beats the pants off of flash cards any day. Who wouldn't want to play a game with a turtle named Ollie, Netty, Timber, or Ziggy right?!?

The game I made contains eight turtle playing cards, a set of hatchling call cards with the sight words, and one blank turtle template for anyone who wants to customize the game for their child's learning level.

Download the 9-page PDF for free from Google Drive here.

To get the game ready, simply cut everything apart and grab some small items to use as game pieces. We used small flat glass baubles, but pennies or buttons would also work great. Each player will need a maximum of 13.

Place all the hatchling call cards face down in a big "go fish" pile. One player (or a parent) will select a card from this pile and read the word. 

Other players must scour their turtle card and place a game piece over the sight word if it's present. 

Play continues this way until all the sight words on one player's card have been covered; they're declared the winner!

Want a great book to extend the learning? We read The Green Sea Turtle by Isabel Muller. It taught my son all about the long journey of one sea turtle and its return to the beach where it was born to lay eggs. 


  1. This is great and even more perfect because my daughter LOVES turtles!

  2. Thanks so much for this free printable! My daughter is in grade 2 but still struggling with kindergarten basics. Hopefully this game makes her more relaxed about her reading struggles!!

    1. I hope so too, Melody! Thanks for stopping by. I've shared loads of sight word activities lately. Check them out by clicking on "Reading" in the Labels list in the column to the right.